1. Origin
    1. Our leather products are curated from United Kingdom, Spain and other parts of Europe that are known for excellence in design and leather craftsmanship.
    2. All leather products are imported or sourced directly from brand owners,  manufacturers and/or individual leather artisans. You can be assured that products available on onlyBrown are not seconds (imperfections or product flaws) or counterfeits.

  2. Use of leather
    All leather products are made with genuine fine leather such as bridle or a combination of leather and other materials such as fabric to achieve a balance in design and functionality. For more information, please refer to individual product descriptions.

  3. Colour
    We have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colours of the products shown on this Web site. But due to variation in your monitor resolution, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colours will be accurate.

  4. Packaging
    1. All products come in their original packaging unless otherwise stated.
    2. Customers will receive their products with original packaging (if any) packed in a separate, specially designed onlyBrown gift box. The box is complimentary for our customers.

  5. Product Care
    Your investment in a fine leather product deserves proper care to ensure it is in pristine condition. And the simplest way is to use it! For your leather to look better over time, here are some tips for on-going maintenance:
    1. Protection
      • Avoid direct heat source for prolong period to prevent dry out or cracks. Eg. on the dashboard of your car.
      • Keep leather dry. If it gets wet, let it dry naturally.
      • Clean and condition your leather often to prevent cracking/dry out and to bring back the sheen and suppleness. IMPORTANT: When using any cleaning solutions on leather, always test it on an inconspicuous area.
      • Avoid placing sharp objects such as keys with leather to prevent scratches.
      • Avoid possible contact with inks, oil and fragrance.
      • Always placed unused leather products in a box or dust bag. Tip: Reuse the original packaging for storage.
      • Avoid overstretching a wallet/card holders with too many cards. It will cause the leather to lose its shape.

    2. Stains
      • For surface dirt, clean with a damp cloth and let dry.
      • Treat stains from food/skin by blotting it with a piece of clean, dry cloth. Do not wipe as it will spread the stain.
      • Do not scrub or brush a stain on a particular spot as it may lighten the color of the leather.
      • Do not leave printed items such as newspapers or magazines on leather as the inks may bleed onto the surface.
      • Be mindful of color transfer from new denim apparels. Some color dyes on denim may not be stable and may transfer its color onto lighter leather accessories.
      • For stubborn stains or whenever you are in doubt, always bring your leather to a professional for treatment.