Founded in 1999, Munekawa started off as a flea market business selling leather items. It also showcase its product in selective malls in Osaka. Under the leadership of Munukawa-san, the label is now a full-fledged business selling not only online but also in Tokyo. With a team of 5 craftsmen, all Munekawa leather items are proudly made in Osaka, Japan.



Munekawa produces a range of small leather goods and bags. They use vegetable-tanned leather from Italy and undyed leather from Belgium made specially for Munekawa. The Italian leathers promises to get softer and shinnier with use. And colors such as Green, Orange and Blue will darken and acquire a beautiful patina over time. Cut edges are finished with a liquid dissolved in seaweeds. For the inside of wallets, pig skin or embossed leather from Japan are used. 



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