In 1922, the highly respected William Daines and Charles Hathaway, leather specialists in Walsall - the heart of England, joined forces to begin the manufacture of traditional English leather goods. The history and heritage of the company continues to provide inspiration for the many beautiful and useful things we produce. Our substantial design and pattern archive is still an important resource in designing products for the way we live our very different lives nearly 100 years later.

Daines and Hathaway is still amongst the most prestigious traditional leather goods makers, producing products which continue to be quintessentially English in style. All our products are hand made in England, combining the experience of the true craftsman, with the most beautiful leathers and superior quality fittings to create truly exquisite pieces to be cherished for years to come.


Daines and Hathaway iconic leather goods are made in Walsall, in the heart of England, and the centre of the English leather goods industry. Our comprehensive collection of both classic and contemporary leather pieces has been carefully and individually crafted using premium quality leathers and fittings. The result is a range of items of the finest quality for those who are discerning of style, and demanding of standards. Our collection is offered to our customers who appreciate the quality and style of the best of England. We seek to take care of their requirements in an efficient and understated way, and look forward to sharing with them products which are really a joy to own.

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