About Us

Our Story

onlyBrown was founded out of frustration for the lack of individuality and variety in mens's leather accessories. For the longest time, black has been the colour of choice for most leather goods and there is an obvious lack of variety. We know men deserve more options. So after much contemplation and research, onlyBrown was born in 2011.


The name represents our obvious love for brown leather but that's not only what we stand for. We go off the beaten track to uncover lesser known or unheard brands who have been crafting leather goods for as long as they live. We visit their workshops to get firsthand experiences of how things are made. These brands resonate with us because of their strong heritage or story and our common beliefs in excellent craftsmanship and attention to details. Our leather goods are functional and classic in design because they are meant to last and heirloom-fit to pass on to future generations.


We started as an online retailer that offers leather belts to complement the growing trend of men who appreciates the fine art of shoemaking. Over the years, we have continued to stay relevant and our range has grown to include a wide range of small leather goods, bags and briefcases. And Bridle leather, possibly one of the most beautiful and sought after leathers in the world, continue to be a mainstay in our curation. Our leather goods are made in countries steeped in a rich history of leather-making such as the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States. 

We hope you enjoy our curation as much as we enjoy curating for you.