In the corporate world, it is all about impression. Experts believe that an individual only has 7 seconds to make an impression. And hopefully a positive and memorable one. Our client know this too well - no business cards stored in an inferior-looking card case. And in the world of investment banking, he is not going to take any chance in leaving an indelible impression on his client.

In his line of work, looking professional and impeccable from head to toe is vital. He went for a classic Bifold Card Case. But being in the pretty conservative banking industry doesn't have to be boring. He went for full-gran leather in hand-patinated blue with his initials discreetly embossed in gold foil on the inside. Different yet subtle enough to break the ice. This is going to acquire a nice patina and hopefully more deals!

Commissioned in 2017. Crafted by Malton Kielman (Warsaw, Poland).

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Images: Malton Kielman

Malton Kielman x onlyBrown_Bespoke Patinated Bifold Card Case (inside)

Bespoke Bifold Card Case (Hand-Patinated)