Hailing from Japan, Cabas first launched its collection in 2012 in Bon Marche, Paris. CaBas means large bag or shopping bag in French. They have been pairing modern bag designs with sashiko fabric.

Sashiko fabric is made from traditional thick Mikawa cotton perhaps most well known today for its use in martial arts uniforms such as judo. For a material to be worn directly on the skin and its ability to withstand throws and rolls, is a demonstration of the material’s softness and strength.

The sashiko fabric has a uneven but smooth "rice grain" surface that makes it a perfect candidate for making uniquely stylish and durable bags.

Bags are designed by CaBas and made by Atelier Tanei - founded in 1920 in Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture where cotton has its first roots in Japan. Few manufacturers in Japan possess the skill and experience to work with a fabric that is traditionally hand-made and labor-intensiive to produce.

Close-up of the "rice grains"