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A dash of color not only shouts Spring/Summer, its the perfect square for year-round wear. If silk has to much sheen for you and wool is pretty much reserved for the colder months, this hand rolled wool/silk square lies somewhat in the middle. The wool takes away a little shine and lends the square a unique hand. The beautiful Japanese-inspired print can be both casual and sophisticated. 

Here's an interesting nugget of information about this square. It is often assumed that the sword represented the soul of a Samurai, however, this is a common mistake. The true skill of the samurai was defined by his talent with mounted archery; the connection between the warrior and his horse became one of the paramount skills required to be a true samurai, and hence, the horse was the soul of a samurai.

Horses were bred for stamina, endurance, and strength; all traits that native Japanese breeds had in full. The shorter statures, full chests and strong gaits, made them perfect companions for war, and eventually, for more peaceful times.

In the 1860's, it was illegal for the Japanese to travel, particularly to the West, yet we found out about several groups that were recruited and secretly sent by regional leaders (daimyo's) to London to study, learn and bring their knowledge back to Japan. We imagined that in a foreign country, with both language and cultural barriers, in clothing one has never worn, these students would have wanted something that would remind them of home. We created pocket squares with this in mind, thinking that they would have worn these as a way to hold onto a piece of what they knew, without attracting undue attention.

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