No.117 Mechanics Belt - onlybrown

No.117 Mechanics Belt


was S$150.00

An understated, classic handcrafted full leather belt. Nothing superfluous. Unlike most belts, this has an exterior leather flap that conceals the buckle. A little care and it will last forever. Go with jeans or chinos for that sharp, smart casual look.  

You will also love it for the little story behind the Mechanics Belt. Our (Billykirk) mentor's grandfather was making a similar belt for the auto industry back in the 50's. The flap of leather would protect the car's paint job from being scratched. A very simple but effective design and a true piece of Americana. Billykirk liked how it functioned and decided to give it a twist. They made it slightly wider, changed the tips and added some hand stitched details. Hand-oiled and edged.


*This is a sale item/sample piece. Unless for manufacturing defect, its strictly non-returnable/exchangeable/refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

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