2-Tone Card Case (DkBrn-White)


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This is an exclusive collaboration piece with Crimson Hides - independent leather artisan from Singapore.

We have been working closely with Crimson Hides in the last couple of months to create an exclusive range of Card Cases to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We want you to own something unique and exclusive. So we created a 2-Tone Card Case with ten different color combos and only ONE each!

Choosing colors was a relatively easy task. But for leather, we wanted something different. We chose Kangaroo leather (or Kang in short) other than our usual bridle offering for its thinness and strength due to it its fibre characteristic. You will love the beautiful, natural imperfections on the leather as a result of unavoidable kangaroo tussles in their farms Down Under. Its a shame we don't provide boxing gloves!

The whole creative and collab process wasn't without their challenges. For instance, how do we incorporate the essence of our 5th anniversary onto a card case? From an aesthetic perspective, we opted for hard angular lines to represent the number 5 which incidentally also defined the design of the card holder. We thought it was a cool idea and decided to go ahead.

But what's a collab without our names. So the folks at Crimson Hides cleverly put part of our names together for this collab. You see - Crimson is a red & purplish color. Guess what when you mix red and purple? Yes - brown! Crimson x Brown. How apt!

No efforts have been spared even in crafting an unassuming leather article like a card case. Construction-wise, pocket edges has been skillfully skived before hand-stitching them on the sides to achieve a slimmer profile. Heat-creasing technique on the edges has also been applied to give the card case a more dimensional appeal. Finally, the outer edges has been painstakingly stained and burnished a couple of times to achieve a smooth finishing to prevent premature peeling. Really, you have to see it in person to appreciate the finer details.

For now, all you have to do is pick your preferred color. And embark on a journey to achieve a beautiful patina for your card case!

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