Passaggio Cravatte Pocket SquarePassaggio Cravatte was founded in 2010 by two entrepreneurs, Gianni Cerutti and Martha Passaggio. Based in Pavia, Italy, the workshop is run by Gianni, who personally cuts every fabric and Marta, now his wife, takes care of the embroidery and finishing for every tie. And lately, they have extended their offering to include handrolled pocket squares.

The couple conducts their own research on vintage textiles. Only original hand-printed authentic vintage fabrics between the 50s and 80s are used. The unique silks and cashmeres represent the perfect idea of elegance and pure beauty in which Gianni believes. Each piece of cloth is individually cut by hand using patterns, chalks and scissors. Just like the way its done 100 years ago. Passage Cravatte is still one of the few artisanal workshops in the world to craft the ancient seven-fold tie which uses one single piece of fabric for its construction. Unlined and hemmed by hand. This construction technique was born in the early 1900s. The seven-fold tie is truly a luxury and an exclusive accessory for the discerning. Some even call it the "Rolls Royce" of all ties!

Passage Cravatte does not produce seasonal collections. As Gianni explains “Quality is what really matters for us. Only in this way we are satisfied and satisfy our customers. In our workshop, we don’t produce tons of ties. Every day, we can produce only a dozen ties, as it takes at least two hours to sew by hand our seven-fold.”


Passaggio Cravatte Pocket SquarePassagio Cravatte produces handmade ties, including the luxurious seven-fold and handrolled pocket squares using vintage fabrics. 

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