La Coppola Storta

La Coppola Storta



La Coppola StortaThe coppola or flat cap is a popular headwear worn in Sicily and other parts of Italy. But the coppola has its roots in England. In the 19th century, its worn by different social classes. And the tweed cap is a sporting accessory commonly found in sporting events such as sports hunting and tennis.

As popular as it may be in Sicily, the coppola has often been associated with the infamous mafia. Wear it twisted and its a sure way of telling the world you are part of an undesirable organization. As a result of such stereotype, people started to abandon this beautiful cap.

Founded in 1999, La Coppola Storta is part of a cultural project to promote Sicilian-made products. The company has worked hard over the years to reinterpret the Coppola and to shed this negative image. It can now be seen from the streets to the catwalks. From the man on the street to your favourite celebrity.

The coppolas are handcrafted in Sicily with high quality fabrics influenced by contemporary arts and fashion. All coppolas are ethically produced in their factory in Palermo by a cooperative of women. Wearing a coppola is more than just fashion. Its a classic accessory steeped in history and its here to stay.




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