KUOE - Old Smith 90-001
Old Smith - 90-001

An incidental visit to an antique watch shop in London inspired Designer and Founder Uchimura to start KUOE. He was drawn to a lineup of vintage watches from the 1940s-1970s that's not only enduring in design but still keeping time well. 

After graduation, Uchimura spent a few years learning the ropes in a watch company in Kyoto before he striked out on his own with his classic watch brand, KUOE in 2020. The Old Smith 90-001 is KUOE's first watch model.

The brand is dedicated to creating beautiful wristwatches with a classic design. And it ethos can be nicely expressed as:

"The appeal of classic design from Kyoto to the world"

KUOE - Old Smith 90-002
Old Smith - 90-002