GLENROYAL BRIDLE BRIEFCASEGlenroyal was established in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1979. We have continued to create the finest hand made bridle leather accessories in the world and have been supplying to some of the most exclusive retailers for over 30 years. Each piece of Glenroyal is handmade to order by highly skilled craftsmen, using only the finest bridle leather. Amongst fleeting trends, Glenroyal's classic styling remains sophisticated and elegant. Enjoy, and find out more about what Scottish craftmenship has to offer. 



GLENROYAL CUTTINGAll Glenroyal leather goods, from the most expensive briefcase down to the smallest gift item, are made from hide produced using age-old tanning methods and finished by one of the UK ’s few remaining traditional leather dressers . Hand made bridle is the leather of the connoisseur. Also known as harness or saddlery leather, it is prized for its combination of beauty, functionality and strength.

After several weeks of pit tanning with vegetable extracts, selected skins are bathed in natural oils, carefully dried and hand coloured using aniline dyestuffs which allow the natural colour to shine through. The leather is then impregnated by hand with tallow and beeswax.

The Craftsmen of Kilmaurs
Here at Kilmaurs, in the heart of the Ayrshire countryside, our craftsmen keep alive the finest traditions of the leatherworker’s art. Glenroyal leather goods are of a quality which is seldom seen today and are based on traditional designs subtly adapted to meet today’s practical needs.


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