We have been working closely with Crimson Hides in the last couple of months to create an exclusive range of Card Cases to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Crimson Hides for their patience and guidance. Not forgetting our customers and brand partners who have been supporting us all these years. THANK YOU!

We knew we wanted you to own something unique. So we created 10 different color combos and only ONE each!

Choosing colors was easy. For leather, we wanted something different. We chose Kangaroo (or Kang in short) other than our usual bridle for its thinness and strength due to it its fibre characteristic. We love the beautiful, natural "scars" on the Kang due to kangaroo fights. It's kind of unavoidable and we don't provide boxing gloves!

The whole creative and collab process wasn't without their challenges. For instance, how do incorporate the essence of our 5th anniversary. Crimson Hides suggested hard angular lines to represent 5 which incidentally also defined the design of the card holder. We thought it was cool and decided to go ahead.

The folks at Crimson Hides cleverly put part of our names together for this collab. You see - Crimson is a red/purple color. Guess what when you mix red and purple? Yes - brown. Crimson x Brown. How apt!

Construction-wise, pocket edges has been skillfully skived before hand-stitching them to achieve a slimmer profile. Heat-creasing technique on the edges has also been applied to give the card case a more dimensional appeal. You have to see it in person to appreciate the finer details. Surely, much effort has been put it even for an unassuming leather article like a card case.

Kelvin Cheong


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